Sunday, February 28, 2021

‘You have no authority’: second Handforth Parish Council meeting disrupted

‘You have no authority’: second Handforth Parish Council meeting disrupted

A new meeting of Handforth Parish Council has been disrupted by mischievous members of the public. The local authority shot to fame when a video of councillors arguing went viral earlier this month. At the latest meeting, shouts of “Jackie Weaver would not tolerate this” and “you have no authority” disrupted the event. Comedy music, such as the Benny Hill Theme, was also pumped into the Zoom meeting.

Man sits on the loo on Bristol road

A video of a man sitting on a toilet in the middle of a busy road in Bristol has gone viral on social media, ITV reports. Drivers are seen having to negotiate their way around the man as he reads a paper while sitting on the loo near some traffic lights in in Lawrence Hill. Some on social media have described the man as a “legend” but others have criticised him for behaving dangerously.

New monolith appears in Congo

The latest in a series of mystery monoliths has appeared in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The 12-foot metallic structure first appeared in Kinshasa’s Bandal neighbourhood on Sunday morning. By Wednesday it had been attacked with sticks and set on fire. Last November, a series of monoliths mysteriously appeared around the world with the first spotted in remote part of the Utah desert.

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