Sunday, April 11, 2021

YOU BE THE BOSS: Have your say on the Calgary Flames future

YOU BE THE BOSS: Have your say on the Calgary Flames future

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The dust is still settling, and the emotions are still raw.

So that means it’s the perfect time to make decisions, no?

While Calgary Flames general manager Brad Treliving will likely take a few days — weeks, even — to sort out his priority list of who stays, who goes and solve what ails his club, we can take the fast-track approach.

It’s time for our annual You Be The Boss poll, which gives you the chance to weigh in on how the Flames’ roster and coaching staff needs to change in the off-season.

While these decisions are usually made in the springtime, the National Hockey League’s COVID-19-adapted schedule has thrown a wrench into things leaving the Flames ousted with only a few weeks left of summer.

Nevertheless, this team finds itself in the same position as it was last year — out of the post-season far too early, the final nail in the coffin being shell-shocked after a Game 6 loss which saw the Dallas Stars score seven unanswered goals to eliminate them in a first-round series.

So from the comfort of your lawn chair, patio, boat, lake house or home office, let’s see you call the shots:

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