Monday, March 1, 2021

Why is an anti-feminist Liberal MP reviewing workplace sexual violence?

Celia Hammond

Rather than going for an independent inquiry, Scott Morrison’s pick believes feminists are ‘anti-tradition, anti-men, anti-society, anti-family’.

Liberal member for Curtin Celia Hammond

Brittany Higgins’ public rape claims — again, not the alleged rape itself, just her going public with it — has sparked a flurry of activity from the Liberal Party.

Member for Curtin Celia Hammond will review workplace culture and work with party whips and MPs to improve workplace standards and protect staff; deputy secretary of governance and public service reform Stephanie Foster will also look at the formal processes and links between the Department of Finance and parliamentary staff.

Why weren’t these processes established after the [email protected] report was released last year, and why has an internal figure been appointed to review complaints instead of an independent body?

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