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Why does Post Malone have a Patrick Mahomes tattoo? Now we know

Why does Post Malone have a Patrick Mahomes tattoo? Now we know

It’s been an eventful off-season for Patrick Mahomes.

The Super Bowl MVP recounted his life over the past few months — the post-season obligations, buying a new house, confronting a pandemic, supporting countrywide protests and signing a record-breaking contract worth up to $503 million (U.S.) — for a GQ story and photo shoot that published Tuesday.

Mahomes revealed another important detail: rapper Post Malone now has the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback’s signature tattooed on his body. The 24-year-old told the magazine he and Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce went backstage at Malone’s show in Kansas City. A few (several) games of beer pong later, Malone bet the duo that if they won again he’d get tattoos of their names.

Post Malone stuck with his word and Mahomes claims the inking took place right backstage.

Here’s some more insight about Mahomes from the story:

  • Mahomes was one of many Black players who appeared in a player-organized video declaring “Black Lives Matter” and advocating for social justice in the days after the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

“I understand my platform,” Mahomes told GQ. “I understand that my part in the video is a big part of it.”

He’d spent time with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who sought his perspective. Mahomes informed the commissioner of his desire to promote voter-registration efforts and that the league should have one person dedicated to helping players tap into their community activism endeavours.

“So whenever you wanna help out the community, you have someone that works with the team that can help,” Mahomes told GQ. “It was a great conversation. It lasted, like, 30 minutes to an hour.”

  • As Mahomes has championed equality on social media, he’s heard from dissenters.

“I’ve seen how people, on Twitter, have tweeted and said, ‘Oh, you’re not full Black,’” he told GQ. “But I’ve always just had the confidence and believed in who I am. And I’ve known that I’m Black. And I’m proud to be Black. And I’m proud to have a white mom too. I’m just proud of who I am. And I’ve always had that confidence in myself.”

As the son of a former Major League Baseball player, Mahomes also is aware of his privileged upbringing.

“The more I mature,” Mahomes told GQ, “I’ve learned that I was blessed to be in the situation that I was in.”

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  • At Texas Tech, Mahomes was a two-sport star for his first two seasons on campus. He’s been playing football full-time for hardly four years, leaving him with the impression that he’s going to keep improving rapidly.

“I’m nowhere near where I can be,” he told GQ.

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