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Who Went Home Last Night on Love Island USA Season 2?

Who Went Home Last Night on Love Island USA Season 2?

Love Island‘s allure lies its tropical setting, funny challenges, and in the constant couplings and recouplings of the group of hot singles over the course of the season. And while the second season of the USA version had to film in Las Vegas because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the drama and romance is all the same.

Unfortunately, only four couples will remain standing at the end of the month-long season, and our Islanders can get eliminated, or dumped as the show calls it, for a multitude of reasons—those who remain single after recoupling are sent home, and throughout the season there are public votes where viewers can vote for a couple to save, and the couple with the least amount of votes goes home. The winners are also picked by the public during the show’s final week.

It can be hard to keep track of who’s come and who’s gone on the show, but we’ve created this handy guide of all the dumpings from the season—here’s who got eliminated on Love Island USA season two, and the day they left.

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Day 29: Connor

Connor and Moira’s coupling was more platonic than romantic, and he later revealed he was still thinking about Mackenzie. At the Day 29 recoupling, Moira chose to pair up with Calvin, sending Connor home. He didn’t seem too sad about it though, as he immediately had a video with Mackenzie after the elimination, and it seems like the two are going to give it another go.

Day 29: Bennie

Bennie and Cely had a connection, and her trepidation over Johnny’s Casa Amor activities made it seem like she might choose Bennie at the recoupling. However, Cely chose to stick with Johnny, and Bennie went home.

Day 25: Mackenzie

Mackenzie was a Day 1 girl, but her road had been a little bumpy after she broke up with Connor for Jalen. She and Jalen called it quits soon after that though, and she ended up with Aaron. During the Day 25 recoupling ceremony, the guys chose to save Laurel, meaning Mackenzie and Sher were eliminated.

Day 25: Aaron

Kind-hearted and laid-back Aaron was brought back to the villa by Moira on Day 16, but they soon went their separate ways and Aaron and Mackenzie became coupled up. However, they were among the three couples got the least amount of votes from the public, and the girls ultimately chose to save Carrington.

Day 25: Sher

Sher and Calvin met at Casa Amor, and they entered the villa as a couple on Day 16—but at the next recoupling ceremony Calvin chose Kierstan, and Jalen ended up picking Sher. Sadly, the new couple failed to make an impression on fans, and Sher was sent home after the guys didn’t choose to save her.

Day 25: Jalen

Jalen seemed to be super sweet when he was flirting with Mackenzie, and the two became a couple after Casa Amor, leaving Connor heartbroken. Sadly, things between Jalen and Mackenzie soon turned sour, and they broke things off soon after. But even though Jalen ended up being eliminated, he and Sher hit it off, and they seemed eager to continue getting to know each other in the real world.

Day 19: GiNiele

GiNiele joined the cast on Day 16 when the Casa Amor villa was introduced, but most of the guys from the original cast chose to stay in their couples.

Day 19: Faith

Faith was another Casa Amor lady, but she didn’t make a strong connection with any of the guys there.

Day 19: Mike

Mike was sweet and funny, but only two of the girls in the villa ended up coupling up with one of the new guys.

Day 19: Mercades

Mercades came in strong, to say the least, and while she had intense make-outs with Johnny and Carrington, Johnny said that he wanted to remain coupled up with Cely, while Carrington chose to go with Laurel, another Casa Amor girl.

Day 19: Patrick

The California-based attorney didn’t get chosen at the re-coupling ceremony.

Day 19: De’Andre

De’Andre is a former pro baseball player, but he struck out with the ladies during the recoupling ceremony.

Day 14: Lauren

Lauren went home along with Tre when the men and women each chose which vulnerable Islander to send home, and the guys chose to save Kierstan, sending Lauren home.

Day 14: Tre

The public voted for the most compatible couples in the villa, with the three couples with the fewest votes becoming eligible for elimination. The three safe couples then saved one couple from the vote, meaning Kierstan & Carrington, and Lauren & Tre were still vulnerable. The four safe guys chose to dump Lauren from the villa, but the four safe women chose to eliminate Tre.

Day 12: Rachel

Rachel entered the villa on Day 2 with Kierstan, and she coupled up with Jeremiah and Caleb before a recoupling ceremony saw Caleb choose Justine, sending Rachel home.

Day 9: James

Laid-back James was coupled up with Moira in the beginning, but he was left flying solo after she hit it off with newbie Calvin.

Day 9: Jeremiah

Day 2 saw Jeremiah with Justine, but by Day 5 he was coupled up with Rachel. However, both of those ladies were with other people by the time the next recoupling ceremony came around, and Jeremiah was eliminated.

Day 5: Kaitlynn

Everything was going great for Kaitlynn and she quickly coupled up with Carrington. However, newbies Kierstan and Rachel entered the villa on Day 3, and Carrington decided to couple up with Kierstan, leaving the Michigan native to get eliminated after failing to re-couple.

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