Thursday, January 28, 2021

Who are the protesters who stormed the US Capitol?

Who are the protesters who stormed the US Capitol?

The storming of the Capitol is the “logical conclusion to extremism and hate going unchecked” during Trump’s presidency, Mr Segal said.

He added: “We had conspiracy theories animating people to action on the ground. We had the mainstream and the extreme narratives meld.”

Proud Boys leader Henry “Enrique” Tarrio was arrested this week and ordered to stay out of Washington after he was accused of vandalising a Black Lives Matter banner at a historic Black church last month. During a debate with Mr Biden, Mr Trump refused to criticise the Proud Boys, instead saying the group should “stand back and stand by.”

Mr Greenblatt called on social media platforms to immediately suspend Mr Trump’s accounts for violating their terms of service.

“This is a dark day for democracy,” Mr Greenblatt said. “I never would have imagined in my lifetime that we would be witnessing armed protesters storming the halls of Congress.”

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