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When will gyms open in Australia? Your state-by-state update


When will you be able to go back to the gym? Here are the latest details on when gyms will be opening in each state and territory.

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When will gyms open in Australia? At this point, the majority of us are sick of wine on the couch, scrolling through social media, and the tightening of our waistbands that potentially shrunk in the wash but probably actually shrunk because you’ve been having a median of 16 slices of banana bread per week. 

At this point, we might even go as far as saying we miss the gym.

So, when will gyms open in Australia?

Here’s a state-by-state and territory-by-territory update on when gyms will be open again across Australia. 

New South Wales

Gyms in New South Wales are expected to re-open during stage two of the three-stage roadmap to recovery, however, there is no hard date for when residents of NSW can expect their gym doors to re-open. 

At this point, public beaches have begun to open again so residents can resume swimming and surfing for exercise. Outdoor boot camps with 10 people have also been reintroduced in public outdoor areas. 

Non-contact sports with up to 10 people are also permitted as long as social distancing rules are adhered to. 


Gyms in Victoria are expected to re-open during stage two of the three stage roadmap to recovery, however, as with New South Wales, there is no hard date for when Victorians can expect to return to the gym. 

Currently, Victorians are allowed to partake in outdoor sports such as golf, athletics, hiking, fishing and playing football with up to 10 players, so long as those taking part adhere to the social distancing rules in place. Bootcamps with up to 10 people in outdoor public areas will now also be allowed for residents of Victoria.

Professional training for NRL and AFL has resumed. 


Gyms in Queensland are expected to re-open on June 13, the date when the state is expected to enter stage two of the federal government’s recovery plan. 

From June 13, gyms are expected to allow up to 20 patrons in at a time. Gyms will need to ensure thorough sanitisation of gym equipment, as well as social distancing during sweat sessions. 

Currently, Queenslanders are allowed to partake in outdoor activities. Up to 10 people can play non-contact sports, attend out-door boot camps and group training sessions.

Western Australia

Gyms in Western Australia were expected to re-open from May 18, as the state enters stage two of the recovery plan. Gyms in Western Australia will be allowed to open for 20 people.

During this preliminary stage, patrons will be asked to bring as much of their own equipment as they can, such as yoga mats and boxing gloves.

Gyms will be avoiding the use of shared equipment during work-out sessions where possible and each business has been instructed to follow strict cleaning schedules to ensure that adequate disinfection is in place. 

Ten people can now meet in Western Australia for recreational purposes, including outdoor boot camps and non-contact sports, as long as social distancing is in place.


Gyms, as well as swimming pools and other indoor sporting venues, in Tasmania are expected to open on June 15, as the state commences stage two of the recovery plan. 

Residents of Tasmania are allowed to gather in groups of 10 for outdoor, socially safe recreational activities, such as exercising horses, boating, fishing and group fitness in outdoor areas, following the 1.5-metre rule. 

South Australia

Gyms in South Australia are expected to open on June 8 as the state enters stage two of the recovery plan. 

Gyms in South Australia will be allowed to open their doors to 20 patrons at a time. Currently, 10 people are allowed to gather in groups for outdoor activities and a limited number of outdoor swimming pools are already open.

Northern Territory

Gyms in the Northern Territory are open. Local gyms have been open since May 15, with strict cleaning and social distancing rules in place. 

Australian Capital Territory

Gyms in the Australian Capital Territory are expected to open during stage two of recovery, however, a date has not yet be specified.

As it stands, 10 people can gather in public places, and non-contact sports can take place outdoors. 

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