Friday, September 18, 2020

What just happened in Tennessee’s Democratic Senate primary?

What just happened in Tennessee’s Democratic Senate primary?

Tennessee has an open primary system, and the conventional wisdom that Republicans were most likely to hold the seat could have been a factor in the primary, Pacelle said. In Knoxville, he said, some Democrats don’t even bother voting in their party’s primary, preferring instead to vote in the Republican primary “because they see it as more consequential.”

For those who decided to vote in the typically lower-turnout Democratic primary, they saw someone who was running on a “very progressive plank and was an African American, and I think those two things made some difference.”

Bradshaw may have to do some damage control quickly, however.

The Federal Election Commission requires any candidate that has raised over $5,000 to file regularly scheduled reports. Bradshaw’s report for the three months ending June 30 and the 12-day pre-primary report, both due in July, are missing.

Her first quarter report, covering January through March, showed she raised a total of $8,421 and spent $5,778.

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