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What are the salary implications for the Raptors after VanVleet deal?

What are the salary implications for the Raptors after VanVleet deal?

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VanVleet had scared some Raptor fans by speaking in his characteristically blunt and honest style recently on the J.J. Redick podcast. But as this space had mentioned at the time, reaction to those comments was completely overblown. Many of the questions were leading and VanVleet never indicated a Toronto return was unlikely, merely saying he would be after a lot of money and would also prioritized a winning environment.

In Toronto, he gets both, getting the same contract as Indiana’s Malcolm Brogdon.

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With VanVleet’s return and the drafting of talented point guard Malachi Flynn, along with combo guard Jalen Harris, the Raptors get a succession plan, in the event Lowry moves on in the next couple of years. They also get replacement options for Terence Davis, who is facing legal issues and can be released without financial penalty and possibly Powell should he opt out in 2021.

And if Lowry sticks around, the guard rotation is looking solid for years to come.

The Raptors simply had to get this deal done and credit to all for making it work at a fair number for all.

The move proved even more crucial many hours later when centre Serge Ibaka agreed to a reported two-year, $19-million deal with the Los Angeles Clippers — yes, those same Clippers that lured Kawhi Leonard before last season — making up for the Clips losing sixth-man-of-the-year Montrezl Harrell to the hated Lakers earlier Saturday.

It was believed the Raptors would not go beyond a large one-year deal for Ibaka, in order to keep their options open long-term and reports had him accepting $19 million over the two years from the Clippers, with the option to re-enter free agency after Year 1.

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