Sunday, October 25, 2020

WECSSAA officially pulls plug on all fall high school sports


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While some regions in the province have had to roll back to a modified Stage 2 because of a surge in the virus, the numbers in Windsor and Essex County have held relatively steady. Still, the threat remains.

“I wanted to revisit it and it’s just difficult,” Amicarelli said. “The numbers are going up, not locally, but through the province.”

Some high school sports have returned in Sudbury and Thunder Bay, but at this point Amicarelli says it’s not possible for WECSSAA.

“The protocols you have to put in place make it very difficult,” Amicarelli said. “You have to be able to backtrack anything. It would be really hard to run anything to meet the minister of health.”
And with that, the decision was made to put an end to any hopes of high school sports for the fall.

“It’s unfortunate and difficult to do,” Amicarelli said. “For the fall, it’s everything.

“We’ll cross winter in a month’s time and see how things are going provincially and locally.”

Amicarelli said there is talk that some sports, such as cross-country, golf and tennis, could possibly be pushed to the spring, but it’s too early to predict.

“For sure, we’ll not follow the same timelines done in sports,” Amicarelli said. “We’ll see what we can get in.

“We want something to work, but there’s a lot of hoops to jump through. In the middle of November, Quad 1 (teaching) is done. Then, we have another meeting and see where we’re at and I just want to say we’re just going to keep looking at it.”

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