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WATCH: Grinch caught on video stealing Christmas decorations from Toronto home

WATCH: Grinch caught on video stealing Christmas decorations from Toronto home

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“We basically don’t see each other anymore,” he said. “So we put up our stuff inside on Nov. 7, and on Nov. 14, we decorated the outside with garland and lights and inflatables. Me and her, we watched all the Despicable Me movies when we were dating.”

Gomez went to work, came home around 11:45 p.m., and when Singh shut off the lights outside around midnight he noticed the Minions were gone.

“I said, ‘Someone stole our Minions,’ and she was like, ‘Are you joking?’” he recalled.

“I was just really in shock that someone would steal decorations. It’s part of the community and I grew up in this house. My dad passed away in 2006 and my mom in 2014 and they left me that house. We renovated for 18 months and moved in last November, so this is our first real Christmas in the house.”

Steven Singh said he and his fiancée Gisselle Gomez said they were shocked to discover, upon reviewing their CCTV camera, someone had stolen their Christmas lawn decorations worth about $200. Photo by SUPPLIED /STEVEN SINGH

Singh checked his CCTV cameras and found video of the culprit.

The footage captures a man without a face mask, but wearing a backpack, creep up to the lawn and unplug the cord to the lit-up inflatable Christmas tree. As the decoration deflates, the man is seen folding up the tree and the accompanying inflatable Minion and carrying them off into the street.

The decorations cost around $200, Singh said.

Toronto Police Const. Caroline de Kloet confirmed police are investigating.

“I drove around for the past couple nights to see the decorations around the area,” Singh said.

There is a silver lining to the ordeal — Singh’s boss at 427 Auto Collision stepped up.

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“John, one of the owners, said, ‘I can’t believe such a loser would do something like that,’” Singh said. “He said, ‘You’re going to get them again.’ He got us another Minion and a Snoopy. I’d like to put them up with my fiancee.”

And as much as he still believes in the goodwill of the community, Singh has decided to zip tie these new decorations as a precaution.

He’s also got a message for the thief.

“You’re literally the grinch,” he said. “The thought behind Christmas is to give, not to steal.”


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