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Warzone Rumble and Plunder Trios return to Call Of Duty: Warzone

Warzone Rumble and Plunder Trios return to Call Of Duty: Warzone

Call Of Duty: Warzone – lots of additions, very few subtractions (pic: Activision)

Infinity Ward are promising that solos, duos, trios, and quads are all staying in Call Of Duty: Warzone, until at least the weekend.

The latest update for Call Of Duty: Warzone sees the return of two fan favourite modes, with the Team Deathmatch style Warzone Rumble and the trios version of Plunder.

Warzone Rumble has two teams of 50 players fighting in a small section of Verdansk and is popular because it manages to mix traditional close quarters Call Of Duty gameplay with 100-player battle royale.

Plunder trios is more obvious, forcing you to play the alternative battle royale mode in a team of three, but as fans know, Infinity Ward do love to add and remove modes all the time, no matter how popular they are.

There are also a number of changes to Modern Warfare’s multiplayer, with the addition of Chesire Park 8v8 and Shoot House 24/7 playlists.

One In The Chamber will also be added to the rotation, but without losing Gun Game Reloaded and All Or Nothing.

This all suggests that Infinity Ward has learnt its lesson about constantly removing favourite game modes and is trying to keep the most popular ones around for at least most of the time.

As such, battle royale solos, duos, trios, and quads will all be available over the weekend, although how much longer they’ll stay around after that remains to be seen.

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