Monday, March 1, 2021

UK Covid live: Sturgeon hails ‘compelling evidence’ vaccine programme is working | Politics




‘Compelling evidence’ vaccine programme is working, Sturgeon says

There is “compelling evidence” that the vaccination programme is starting to work, Nicola Sturgeon has said in her daily briefing, as she pointed to weekly data showing a significant decline in care home deaths, with the proportion of those dying in care homes falling from 34% at the beginning of January to 13% last week.

Despite this, she reiterated that her government’s planned route map out for easing restrictions, which will be published next week, will be “cautious”.

She told reporters: “I want this lockdown to be the last one we need.”

Sturgeon said she had always favoured an elimination strategy when dealing with the virus, “by which I mean suppressing the virus to as low a level as possible and keeping it there” and that Scotland is “on the path back” to that point.

She pointed out that this was achieved in Scotland last summer but that the virus was then re-seeded “mainly from overseas travel and travel across the UK”. “We know we can do that and we are some way off it, but we are on a path back to that suppression to very low levels. The challenge is how do you keep it there?”

She said that this would involve a combination of methods: the test and protect system (as of today, anyone who is identified as a close contact of somebody who has tested positive for coronavirus will be asked to get tested too), travel restrictions “perhaps for some time yet”, as well as continuing with restrictions like face coverings, stringent hygiene and physical distancing as the country comes out of lockdown.

‘Compelling evidence’ vaccine programme is working in Scotland, says Sturgeon – video




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