Sunday, January 17, 2021

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This isn’t a ban on evictions – it’s a plan for evictions.

Landlords will still be able to drag the 840,000 people in rent debt due to the pandemic through the courts. That’s so they can prepare to kick renters out of their homes, as soon as it becomes legal again.

Just imagine the emotional and financial strain it puts on households: this series of last-minute short-term pauses on evictions, the constant threat of being taken to court, the ease with which landlords perform illegal evictions – and all that on top of the pandemic and so many people losing work.

Public health bodies have said that evictions will lead to increased transmission of Covid. If it’s unsafe for people to be evicted now, it’s not going to be safe by 21 February.

We need a permanent eviction ban, and we need rent debt cancelled, now.

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