Monday, October 19, 2020

UFC NOTES: Better-than-ever Ortega ready for another shot


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Holloway has already lost twice to champion Alexander Volkanovski, so there’s not really any question that Ortega should get the next crack at the Australian featherweight king.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to put some money down on Ortega getting the job done.

The man who fought inside the octagon on Saturday night looked completely different from the guy who got dominated by Holloway in Toronto in late-2018.

Yes, his offence was more refined, but he was also significantly smarter defensively. He wasn’t willing to take damage just to deliver damage.

A more patient, thoughtful Ortega is a terrifying opponent for anyone. The matchup with Volkanovski should be intriguing.


Sung takes his losses personally and posted on Instagram after Saturday’s loss saying he was “ashamed” of his performance.

With all due respect to his competitive spirit, that’s absurd.

Sung remains a top featherweight and will be taking on a top-5 opponent whenever he fights next.

Was it a little strange that he was so hesitant to get inside of Ortega’s range and unleash one of his vintage barrage of punches? Maybe, but he also got hit with some punishing blows from Ortega throughout the bout.

As we learned later in the night in the boxing ring when Teofimo Lopez upset Vasily Lomachenko to unify the world lightweight championship, even best-in-class fighters can get a little gun-shy against the craftiest opponents.

There’s no shame in losing a tough fight, and Sung will be back.

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