Sunday, April 18, 2021

Travel latest: Holidays off for all Britons as more than 13,000 hotels forced to close

Travel latest: Holidays off for all Britons as more than 13,000 hotels forced to close

Three mental health experts weigh in on the mental ramifications of  an extended winter lockdown:

‘Many people were quite scared in the initial period back in March and were worried about themselves and their loved ones,’ said pyschiatrist Dr Naresh Buttan. ‘People were worried about dying, losing jobs, houses and education. With the economic impact of Covid 19, it became a fight to survive.”

“When the news of the effective vaccine came, it brought more hope and people started rebuilding their lives and hoped to travel, and reunite with their loved ones,” Dr Buttan continued. “But this news of further lockdown will demoralise them again and the uncertainty around the duration of lockdown will add to their misery. People travel for both essential and leisure to rejuvenate and destress but this restriction will prevent them doing both and particularly those who have been already disadvantaged will be more at risk of losing hope and feel worse in their mental health.”

“Due to covid, humanity as a whole is sitting on the time bomb of  a mental health tsunami and though governments and other organisations are trying their best to help people, much more work needs to be done to prevent the next pandemic of mental health problems.”

The lack of travel only adds to this. “Travel helps us to deal with challenges, gives us a sense of adventure and excitement, invites us to do new things and have new experiences. All of which can be very beneficial but for me, the biggest benefit is in being able to experience that sense of freedom, of being able to move around in our own lives,” comments Jo Howarth of the Happiness Club. “Lockdown is the antithesis to this, making us feel physically restricted and unable to make as many new connections and have those all important experiences, and adding to the feeling of isolation.”

“Not having the option to travel can spark a lot of anger and frustration.,” agreed psychologist Louise Reid. “It can cause low mood, outbursts, and with nothing to look forward to it will be a vicious cycle. It may be difficult to bring yourself out of this before the rules change.”

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