Wednesday, November 25, 2020

There’s A New Get on the Beers Dance Remix Where Dan Reaches a Little Higher Up the Shelf

There's A New Get on the Beers Dance Remix Where Dan Reaches a Little Higher Up the Shelf

In Monday Victorians rejoiced when Premier Dan Andrews announced a significant lifting of lockdown restrictions. And a true blue Aussie hero has remixed his response when asked if the state would be able to get back on the beers.

The first sign that things were looking up for Victoria was when Andrews graced the press conference with his signature North Face jacket. It has become an icon of good news during the pandemic and the internet rejoiced at its appearance.


It’s finally time to get on the beers

After a lengthy announcement outlining the easing of restrictions, the very first question from journalists was a throwback to Andrews’ statement several weeks back about “getting back on the beers”.

“Can I confirm what you’re saying is that we can finally get back on the beers,” the journalist asked Andrews.

With an amused look on his face, the Premier responded by saying “I don’t know if I’ll be drinking a beer tonight. I might be going a little higher up the shelf.”

To celebrate this truly excellent response, Aussie electro musicians Mashd N Kutcher created a remix. This is the same duo that created the original Get on the Beers remix that was blasted at Hot Dub Time Machine in WA earlier this month.

Please enjoy, because it truly slaps.

Andrews took to Twitter later in the afternoon to prove his commitment to the bit by cracking open a bottle of Starward whisky.

“Said I’d go a little higher up the shelf. Here’s to you, Victoria,” he said.

Bloody oath. Well done Victoria, you’ve definitely earned a drink or two, regardless of what shelf you grab it from.


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