Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The TK Most Impactful Memes of 2020

The TK Most Impactful Memes of 2020

If there was one thing that helped us cope with the pain, frustration and anger that 2020 brought on, it was memes, memes and more memes. Whether you’re someone who’s extremely online or just catches up on the latest memes when they get sent in the group chat, we can all appreciate




Bernie Sanders once again asking

It seems safe to say that no one on the Bernie 2020 campaign team could’ve predicted that a December 2019 video of the then-Democratic presidential candidate candidly requesting donations while strolling down a snowy street would result in the screengrab that launched a thousand memes this year. But that’s exactly what became of a still from a fundraising ad featuring Sanders bundled up against the cold, candidly asking his supporters for financial aid. Once people started editing the text on the screencap, memes capturing the essence of 2020 abounded.

Going full Sue Sylvester mode

Glee‘s 6-season run may have ended in 2015, but in a year where it sometimes felt like someone was working to sabotage all our lives from behind the scenes, the energy was working to sabotage all our lives people latched onto the energy of might someone was out to purposefully sabotage all of our lives, Sue Sylvester was bringing an enerMcKinley High’s ruthnothing purposefully sabotaging nothing captured the energy that Jane Lynch’s Sue Sylvester it’s no surprise ruthless/meddling cheer coach

Pope Francis gives his blessing

How it started vs. how it’s going

The trolley problem

Bring in the dancing pallbearers

Nature is healing



Who’s next?

We did it, Joe

Four Seasons Total Landscaping

Me and the girls

$600 stimulus check

Don’t worry about what’s in the vaccine


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