Friday, February 26, 2021

The mistreatment of Brittany Higgins is a political crime

The mistreatment of Brittany Higgins is a political crime

The government’s response to the alleged rape of one of its staffers has at all times been motivated only by politics, rather than humanity.

Scott Morrison (Image: Tom Red/Private Media)

Note: this story discusses sexual assault.

Extraordinary and disgusting revelations keep appearing of how the government responded and continues to respond to the alleged rape of former staffer Brittany Higgins by another Liberal staffer in a ministerial office, and each one peels another layer off Scott Morrison’s attempt to downplay and deflect its mishandling.

Underlying what we have learnt this week courtesy of Higgins’ bravery and dogged reporting by News Corp’s Samantha Maiden is a shocking absence: where was the outrage that a young woman had been sexually assaulted in a ministerial office by a colleague? Even accepting the claim that it was initially treated as a security breach until Higgins provided further information, that information should have prompted deep anger and a determination to address the matter as comprehensively as possible while protecting Higgins’ privacy and providing her with the necessary support.

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