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The Masked Singer Judges 2021

The Masked Singer Judges 2021

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly returning as a judge on The Masked Singer in 2021, according to TV Blackbox.

While she was a fan favourite judge on the show’s first season, where she did her best impression of “Famous American Who Totally Recognises Obscure Australian Celebrities”, the Dubai-based actress was unable to film season two this year due to COVID-19 restrictions on international travel.

Kiwi comedian Urzila Carlson took her place on the panel, but while Urzila had chemistry with Eddie Perfect’s Frillneck, she didn’t have the same kind of strange rapport with fellow judge Dave Hughes as Lindsay. Urzila definitely didn’t have a personal connection to this year’s winner Bonnie Anderson either — Lindsay’s sister Ali dated inaugural winner Cody Simpson in 2018.

Writing to Abbey Mikkelsen, a producer on TV Blackbox‘s podcast, The Ben, Rob & Robbo Internet Show, Lindsay herself spilled, “I will be back in Australia for season 3.”

Lindsay’s mum, Dina, shared the story about her daughter returning to The Masked Singer on Instagram on Monday, with the caption, “👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💋💋💋.” While Lindsay is yet to comment publicly on the rumour, Dina’s approval seems pretty legitimate to us!

On his radio show, Hughesy & Ed, last month, Dave Hughes said that he had asked Lindsay over Instagram if she’d be coming back for season three. “I think so!!!! I hope so!!!!,” Lindsay replied.

It certainly seems that Lindsay is itching to return to the guessing panel. Ahead of the season two premiere, Jackie O told Who that Lindsay was “so upset” she couldn’t return to the series this year. “But it just wasn’t possible. I know she’ll try and watch it from her home. I loved what she brought to the show last year.

“We’ll really miss her energy and her crazy guesses. A lot of her guesswork got cut from the episodes last year. So myself, Hughesy or Dannii Minogue would often be like, ‘Um, Lindsay, no, I don’t think Lady Gaga has come to Australia to dress up as a prawn on The Masked Singer.'”

It is believed that an impetus for Lindsay’s return was a decline in ratings for the series in 2020. Season three is expected to film midway through 2021, similar to this year’s season, which started airing in August.

At Ten’s Upfronts in October, the network did not reveal who would make up the judging panel but confirmed that Osher Günsberg returns as host. Maybe we could have five judges next year . . .

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