Tuesday, October 20, 2020

The How & Why of Businesses Using Music Videos

How the Music Industry Is Coping with an Unprecedented Crisis

We’ve chatted on the podcast and in the magazine a few times about how companies use music, from restaurants to gyms to retail shops and more. Today, we’re focusing on how and why many of these same types of companies are using music videos.
Our guest for this conversation is Luke White, the director of content at Loop Media, which provides customized music video channels for businesses. Luke is also the head of operations and marketing at U.S. label Parts + Labor Records, all on top of being a professional musician himself in the band Atomic Tom. Aside from simply what Loop Media does with music videos and how it does it, Luke and Mike also get into the ongoing evolution of music videos as an artform and marketing tool for artists, how curating music video playlists for businesses differs from song playlists, how indie artists can tap into this market, and more.

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