Saturday, January 16, 2021

The 48-inch LG CX OLED is £200 off for today only •

The 48-inch LG CX OLED is £200 off for today only •

This desk-friendly 4K TV has never been discounted before.

The LG CX OLED is our top TV recommendation for gaming, thanks to its full HDMI 2.1 support and gorgeous OLED panel – and right now you can get the 48-inch CX for £200 off at Currys PC World using code 200TVSAVE.

This is the first time we’ve seen a discount to the 48-inch model, a size that’s well suited for smaller spaces and even allows the CX to be used as the ultimate PC gaming monitor. With the code, you’ll pay only £1279 for the 48-inch CX. That’s a great price, but the code is only active until midnight tonight (January 11th).

So why is this £200 discount newsworthy? After all, we’ve seen similar reductions for the 55-inch CX during Black Friday. Well, the difference is that the 48-inch LG CX has always been in very short supply, from the moment it launched last summer. Its OLED panel is actually cut from the same mother glass as the exorbitantly priced 77-inch model – and it seems that LG underestimated demand for the smaller size, so it hasn’t produced many units at all.

What few 48-inch models did make it to market sold much more quickly than their 55-inch counterparts, as PC gamers and content creators realised how good these TVs were when sat on a desk, so retailers haven’t been incentivised to offer any significant discounts – until now.

Of course, you can also pick up the 55-inch model if you are going to use the TV in a larger space, as at £1299 it costs just £20 more than the reduced 48-inch CX. This equals the price we saw for the CX during Black Friday last year, so it’s still a great deal. And on both sizes, you’ll get the full complement of HDMI 2.1 features, including support for games at up to 4K and 120Hz on PS5 and Xbox Series X, auto low latency mode (ALLM) and variable refresh rates (VRR).

With CES just around the corner, we expect to see LG’s 2021 lineup pretty soon – and it should include a new 42-inch size that ought to be even more suitable for desktop use. Beyond the new size and higher brightness on the 77-inch size, we’re not expecting any major changes. Despite this, history suggests that these new models will debut at something close to £2000, with stock remaining sparse through the summer and reasonable prices only really appearing once we get close to Black Friday in November.

Therefore, if you’re after a desktop-sized LG OLED now, it might be worth picking up this discounted LG CX so that you’ll actually have it for the long periods of lockdown that seem likely to continue throughout 2021.

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