Thursday, October 22, 2020

Taking advantage of automation – the Capita story

Taking advantage of automation – the Capita story

In this episode, Dr Gráinne Watson, Director of Automation Practice at Capita talks about identifying automation opportunities across its businesses and the challenges its faces on improving consistency and compliance, while reducing costs, by identifying processes to be automated across 177 different organisations that make up the group.

Now, the group is handling 61,000 transactions each week, sees 35m end users served each day and is targeting 100% of businesses within the Capita group to implement automation by the end of the year.

There are few parts of public life Capita does not touch. The management of school libraries, payroll for NHS dentists, inspecting 15,000km of the UK’s rail network, monitoring London’s carbon emissions. 

In this podcasts, Captia talks about their collaboration with Service Now on building a digital service desk as a first-line support to customers. with the aim to introduce automation into every Capita business and function to improve, evolve and optimize how they work. 

Listen to the full podcast with Doug Drinkwater and Dr Gráinne Watson

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