Wednesday, January 20, 2021



Bleak outlook for pay rises: Australians might have to wait five years for return to 2% wage growth | Wages growth

Australian workers could be waiting up to five years for wage growth to return to 2%, a respected economic forecaster has said.Deloitte Access Economics included the bleak outlook for pay rises in a new report that otherwise paints a bright picture for the Australian economy, assuming the country keeps Covid-19 case numbers low and vaccines come online from February.Labor said the report showed why the Morrison government “should not and cannot declare victory while more than 2 million Australians are either without a job or don’t have enough hours and...

Alcohol harms the brain in teen years –– before and after that, too

If we only paid attention to ads, it might seem as though alcohol — a beer or glass of wine, a shot of fiery liquor or sophisticated cocktail — merely served as a way to bring people together and make them happy. Drink responsibly, the ads wink, without ever explaining the toll that frequent or excessive alcohol use exacts, particularly at certain stages in life. Because alcohol doesn’t just get us drunk, impair our judgment, and hurt our liver: it can have many other bad effects on our bodies —...
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