Tuesday, October 27, 2020



Coronavirus live news: ‘We cannot give up’ warns WHO chief; protests flare in Italy | World news

5.54am GMT05:54 Antibodies against the coronavirus declined rapidly in the British population in summer, a study found on Tuesday, suggesting protection after infection may not be long-lasting and raising the prospect of waning immunity in the community, Reuters reports. Although virus immunity is a complex and murky topic and may be assisted by T cells, as well as B cells that can stimulate swift production of antibodies following virus re-exposure, the researchers said the experience of other coronaviruses suggested immunity might not be enduring.Those confirmed by a gold standard PCR...

‘Cycling capital of death’: Bogotá bikers battle violence on city’s streets | World news

Andy Villalba, a tattooed and scrawny bicycle mechanic in Colombia’s capital, has long been wise to the dangers of cycling in such a chaotic city. Now, amid a boom in both cycling and bike theft, he is giving workshops in road safety and self-defence. “Welcome to Bogotá,” said Villalba, who has lost count of the number of times he has been threatened for his bicycle. “The cycling capital of death.” Cycling in Colombia is thriving. As in other cities around the world, the pandemic has prompted many commuters to forgo...

Over 50 Tory MPs in northern England press PM for roadmap out of lockdown | World news

More than 50 Conservative MPs in northern England have thrown down the gauntlet to Boris Johnson, urging him to provide a “clear roadmap” out of lockdown and arguing that the Covid pandemic “has exposed in sharp relief the deep structural and systemic disadvantage faced by our communities”. In a provocative letter from the Northern Research Group, which is led by former northern powerhouse minister and Johnson ally Jake Berry, the 55 MPs express fears that the government’s “levelling up” is being abandoned. Forty-one are named, many from former “red wall”...
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