Tuesday, March 2, 2021



A woman is still being killed each week in Australia. We need federal leadership | Domestic violence

Last week Queensland woman Doreen Langham died in an apparent domestic violence tragedy. A body believed to be hers was found in a burnt-out home, alongside that of her ex-partner, hours after she called police for help. She had previously obtained a domestic violence order against the former partner.In the same week, another woman was killed at home and her husband charged with her murder.We are eight weeks into 2021. Again, our country is on track for at least one woman to be killed each week in a domestic setting.According...

Australia news live: AstraZeneca Covid vaccine to be tested ahead of rollout next week | Australia news

An utterly compelling court hearing will start in Hobart this morning: the final appeal of Sue Neill-Fraser, who was convicted of murdering her husband Bob Chappell onboard the couple’s yacht in 2009. There’s a lot to unpack but basically Neill-Fraser was convicted entirely on circumstantial evidence, Chappell’s body has never been found, and much of the appeal is set to focus on why DNA from a troubled teenager was on the yacht. It is also a test of right to appeal laws, which have been implemented in some states to...
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