Sunday, October 25, 2020



The Guardian view of Rishi Sunak: part of the problem, not the solution | Editorial | Opinion

Rishi Sunak has steered a charmed course through much of the coronavirus pandemic. While other ministers have struggled, the chancellor has appeared cool, clear and decisive. As a result, while faith in Boris Johnson has declined within the Conservative party, confidence in Mr Sunak has risen. If there were to be a leadership contest any time soon, it would be Mr Sunak’s to lose. The chancellor’s latest so-called “economy update” on Thursday should make those who have put their chips on him stop and think. This was the fourth emergency...

The Guardian view on Amazon’s dominance: we have to make different choices | Amazon

It was hard to miss the fact that Amazon Prime had a sale this week. Newspapers and magazines covered the event as a celebration of consumption. This on top of a coronavirus pandemic that has accelerated the collapse of already struggling bricks-and-mortar retailers.It is not surprising that so many of us shop with Amazon. The prices seem low. Purchases arrive promptly. But an examination of this gift horse’s mouth also raises serious concerns. Even before the pandemic Amazon’s aggressive pricing strategies made it difficult for smaller companies to compete. This...

The Guardian view on calls for a second lockdown: yes, prime minister | Editorial | Opinion

In the weeks after Boris Johnson made his lockdown television address on 23 March, and as the UK’s infection and death rates rose shockingly higher, it was widely recognised that ministers had acted too slowly, and that the pandemic’s severity might have been lessened had they grasped the nettle sooner. Many ordinary people – perhaps especially those predisposed, like their prime minister, to look on the bright side – felt they had learned a hard lesson in the spring. Sometimes it pays to expect the worst. Yet here we are,...
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