Friday, April 9, 2021



US Covid death toll expected to reach half a million within 24 hours – live | US news

Hours after Georgia elected its first-ever Black and Jewish senators, a mob of white Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol. They set up a gallows on the west side of the building and hunted for lawmakers through the halls of Congress. As he monitored the attack from his home in South Carolina, the local historian Wayne O’Bryant was not surprised. He recognized the 6 January attack as a return to the political playbook of white mob violence that has been actively used in this country for more than a century....

Coronavirus live news: US death toll nears 500,000; England roadmap out of lockdown revealed | World news

3.02am GMT03:02 Japan will only receive limited doses of Covid vaccines for the first months of the inoculation rollout and shots for the elderly will be distributed gradually, the country’s inoculation chief said.Reuters: Pfizer Inc, the maker of Japan’s only approved vaccine, is ramping up production in Europe, but those increased supplies are not likely to reach Japan until May, Administrative Reform Minister Taro Kono cautioned on Sunday in an interview with national broadcaster NHK.“We would like to start vaccinations for the elderly in April, but unfortunately the number of...
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