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No sex please, we’re British. Dating in a pandemic | Life and style

Last March, when the first – and strictest – national coronavirus lockdown went into effect, one of the many aspects of life that suddenly became exponentially more complicated was dating. Until June, in England it was effectively illegal for people not already living as a couple under the same roof to have sex; even after the first lockdown was lifted, subsequent restrictions were similarly strict. Columnist Zoe Williams has been speaking to single people frustrated by what they say is a major oversight in policy. She tells Rachel Humphreys that...

My husband and I haven’t had sex for 10 years. Can we start again? | Life and style

I am 60, and my husband is 62. We have not had sex for nearly 10 years and my husband states that he can’t see us ever having a sex life again. Is it possible for a man who has completely lost his sex drive to rediscover it? If so, how can I help him? I have asked him to see the doctor, or for us to get help, but he says no. I think it would hurt his ego. I love him immensely, but would love to solve this.You...

Readers reply: how can the economy grow year on year without limit – and why is this desirable? | Life and style

How can a country’s economy apparently grow year on year without limit, and why is this thought to be desirable?Richard Saunders, DagenhamSend new questions to replyIf one takes the definition of an economy as the one based on gross domestic product (GDP), it probably can’t and it certainly shouldn’t; the pursuit of perpetual growth is destroying our planet. Such a model takes no account of parenting, care for others, voluntary activities and general wellbeing. We need a different model which is broader and more human. Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economics...

How to reconcile after a family rift | Life and style

Harry and Meghan have apparently severed links with the royal family and moved halfway across the globe. Nicole Kidman has been allegedly snubbed by her two eldest Scientologist children. Angelina Jolie has a difficult relationship with her father Jon Voight – it probably doesn’t help that he’s Donald Trump’s favourite actor… We hear about these high-profile estrangements and assume it’s either media hype or that these family fallouts are unique to the rich and famous. But Karl A Pillemer, a professor of human development at Cornell University, says it’s actually...

Mindfulness, laughter and robot dogs may relieve lockdown loneliness – study | Life and style

Robotic dogs, laughter therapy and mindfulness could help people cope with loneliness and social isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic, researchers at the University of Cambridge have found. The team at the university’s School of Medicine, led by Dr Christopher Williams, reviewed 58 existing studies on loneliness and identified interventions that could be adapted for people living in lockdown or under pandemic-related social distancing measures. Several of the studies involved initiatives to combat loneliness and isolation in nursing and care homes, likely to be hit hard under lockdown. Effective interventions in...

I have never struggled to get an erection – until now. What’s going on? | Life and style

I have been single for three years and had many partners. I met a girl recently and we have a great relationship, but when it comes to sex I struggle to get hard. I have a high sex drive and I have never had erectile issues before; I have been told I am good in bed. I can tell my partner thinks I am not attracted to her, but I am – very much so. I think this started after the first time we had sex, when I got a...

10 ways to use up leftover milk – from potato gratin to magic custard cake | Life and style

Those of us concerned with food waste – and, not to finger-wag, that should be all of us – might want to pay close attention to our milk stocks. A 2018 report suggested that the UK throws out £150m of milk every single year. That’s 330,000 tonnes of the stuff, a whopping 7% of all the milk produced in the country. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Some clever forward-thinking can massively reduce the amount of leftover milk we have. And these ideas are exactly where we should...

I’m thinking of asking a work colleague out for a romantic walk | Life and style

The dilemma A colleague I have had my eye on in the office was recently promoted, meaning we are now equals in the company. Along with working remotely at the moment, this has made me wonder if now the right time is to ask her out (so far as we can date anyone right now), away from the glare of our small company. I have always ruled it out but when I date other girls, she is always in the back of my mind, which has led me to think...
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