Monday, January 25, 2021



Coronavirus live news: France to require tests for arrivals; South Africa to pay 2.5 times EU price for vaccine | World news

5.05am GMT05:05 Supply delays could threaten start of Australia's Covid vaccine rollout Paul Karp The Australian government has left states and territories in the dark about how many Pfizer vaccines Australia will receive by mid-February, as other countries face supply issues. After national cabinet on Friday, the prime minister, Scott Morrison ,conceded Australia’s order could be affected by supply delays, and sought to manage expectations by noting the rollout would start at a “small scale”. The national cabinet meeting was not able to agree on an increase to international arrival...

NSW and South Australia back foreign interference laws against high court challenge | Australia news

New South Wales and South Australia have intervened in a high court case in defence of Australia’s foreign interference laws, which are being challenged by a political staffer accused of acting on behalf of China.John Zhang, who worked for NSW Labor MP Shaoquett Moselmane, is seeking the cancellation of warrants the Australian federal police used to search his property last year, arguing elements of the foreign interference laws are invalid because of their effect on Australia’s implied freedom of political communication.But the NSW and South Australian governments have made submissions...
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