Wednesday, October 21, 2020



NSW eases Covid restrictions on churches and gyms as state reports 10 new cases and Victoria three – question time live | Australia news

I remember being in Bob Hawke’s office, could be forgiven to media outlets, I think compared to then, our media is more diverse than it was then. I was just saying to people on the table that at the moment, we have various newspapers, but in a sense almost the ABC, when I was growing up, it was radio and TV, but effectively now it is print. You can go to a website just like all the other websites. That is more effective. You have the Guardian, the daily mail,...

Parliament resumes as NSW reports five new Covid cases and Victoria one – politics live | Australia news

Thank you, Mr Speaker. Whilst I appreciate this is the subject of many inquiries being made by Senate estimates, as you would expect, this is an inquiry, the Australian Federal Police are looking into it and the ANAO has referred this matter to the AFP, as has the Secretary of the Department of Infrastructure. And, of course, an independent investigation is also going into the matter, being conducted by the Commonwealth Ombudsman Dr Thomas, the former Inspector-general of the Commonwealth Ombudsman, Dr Vivienne Thom. They’re looking into that particular sale...

Coronavirus Australia live updates: Victoria reports four new cases as Melbourne wakes up to eased lockdown | Australia news

Senate Estimates should be well worth looking at and nothing should overshadow the scandals that have ridden this Government. The scandal of the payment of more than $30 million for a block of land that was worth $3 million to a Liberal Party donor that then had it leased back for $1 million. The involvement of Angus Taylor in meetings along with associated with the Daryl Maguire New South Wales ICAC scandal that we heard about last week. The multiple issues regarding sports rorts, regarding the abuse of funds. The...

NSW coronavirus cluster grows as Victoria reports just one Covid case and zero deaths | Australia news

The Victorian premier, Daniel Andrews, has reacted angrily to federal pressure to drastically relax the state’s Covid-19 restrictions following Saturday’s remarkable result, saying the “stakes are too high” to play political games.Victoria announced on Saturday it had just one new infection and no deaths in the preceding 24 hours, raising hopes of at least some relaxation of the state’s Covid-19 restrictions on Sunday.After Victoria’s announcement, the federal health minister, Greg Hunt, tweeted the results meant the state had met the “epidemiological conditions for a Covid Safe reopening”, and advised it...
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