Saturday, February 27, 2021



Dr Fauci says there are ‘no red flags’ for covid vaccines in pregnant women

Dr. Fauci says there are no 'red flags' so far for pregnant women getting COVID vaccines after more than 10,000 mothers-to-be got their shots.Pregnant women were not included in the vaccine trials run by Moderna and Pfizer - but that left health officials and women keen to discover the results once they became available.Food and Drug Administration officials gave emergency authorization to Moderna's shot for use in adults 18 and over. Pfizer's shot is authorized for anyone 16 or older.'The FDA, as part of the typical follow up you have...

Pregnant women going for scans alone told they cannot film baby | Life and style

Pregnant women attending scans and appointments alone are repeatedly being told they cannot record or take photographs of their unborn child to show their partner, according to a survey. The poll of more than 3,450 pregnant women by the campaign group Pregnant Then Screwed found that more than half of respondents (52%) attended scans alone and were also told that they could not record or take photographs during the appointment. NHS trusts have been warned that they could be acting unlawfully if they continue to ban partners of pregnant women...
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