Thursday, September 24, 2020



Milan fashion week: Italy embraces new normal at Fendi show | Milan fashion week

In five-inch heels and a lace pencil skirt, Milan is taking baby steps into the new normal. With supermodels on the catwalk and Paul Mescal in the front row, Fendi had flashbulbs popping at a fashion show for the first time since before lockdown.Italian fashion is back in business, although not business at usual. At Dolce & Gabbana, guests accessorised their leopard-print cocktail dresses with embroidered black lace face masks. Social distancing meant Fendi could accommodate 130 guests in a venue that normally squeezes in 1,500, and when paparazzi asked...
The new normal has always been my normal: Vishwanath Chatterjee

The new normal has always been my normal: Vishwanath Chatterjee

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September’s normal increase in coughs and colds causing ‘utter chaos’ in post-lockdown Britain

September's normal increase in coughs and colds caused by schools going back is causing 'utter chaos' in the UK because people are terrified of Covid-19, according to a top scientist.Professor Carl Heneghan, an evidence-based medicine expert at the University of Oxford, today vented his frustration about the 'panic' being stirred up over the coronavirus crisis. Meeting with MPs on Parliament's Science and Technology Committee, he insisted coughs and colds spike every September when children head back to class, and become even more common during the winter.But Government messaging about the deadly...

Back to normal by Christmas? Hancock says rapid testing is ‘best shot’ at ending social distancing

The UK could get back to normal by Christmas if the rapid coronavirus testing being trialled by the Government is successful, Matt Hancock said today.The Health Secretary, who has announced a £500million investment in a mass on-the-spot saliva testing regime, said it was the 'best shot' at ending social distancing.Although treatments for the virus are improving, unless a vaccine is found it still cannot be cured or prevented completely.So keeping track of the bug and squashing it out of communities is the only way to prevent more people ending up...

If getting back to normal means mindless shopping, forget it | Suzanne Moore | Opinion

The past few months have been, for some, a time to re-evaluate their lives. They have not just worked at home, but worked on their homes and their bodies, tidying them up, getting into shape, sorting it all out. They have tips about how to structure our days as we Marie Kondo our souls. But the year has not exactly worked out like that for me. The enormous pile of clothes and shoes in the corner of my room remains unsorted. These are the things I can’t live with and...
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