Monday, September 21, 2020



Trump says he will announce supreme court pick ‘Friday or Saturday’ – live | US news

Biden accomplished several essential tasks. First, like Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and other Democrats earlier Sunday, he formulated that the open seat boils down to preserving the Affordable Care Act. Second, he put the fight in simple terms of fairness. Republicans think they can make up rules and rewrite them for their benefit without regard to — indeed, despite — majority opinion. Bullying your way through fights with nonsensical blather to disguise your motives is antithetical to democracy. Third, Biden made the most of his ability to appeal to the...

HR McMaster was ‘surprised and disappointed’ at Trump claim Putin didn’t interfere in election | US news

HR McMaster was not trying to save the world from Donald Trump when he became his second national security adviser, the retired general said in his first interview to promote his new book – if his second since leaving the White House. “It was my duty to help the president come to his own decisions,” McMaster told CBS 60 Minutes on Sunday night, setting himself apart from other White House aides and a string of senior military figures, including former defense secretary James Mattis, who have publicly criticised the president....

Trump to go ahead with Iran sanctions despite European objections | World news

Donald Trump is due to issue an executive order on Monday imposing sanctions on Iranians linked to their country’s energy industry, despite key European powers saying the US does not have the legal power to do so. The US president will issue the sanctions on dozens of people and declare that anyone trading arms with Iran will remain subject to sanctions beyond October, the date the embargo was due to be lifted. Trump is acting after the US unilaterally declared at the weekend that it was reimposing UN sanctions on...
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