Saturday, February 27, 2021


Why state legislatures are still very white — and very male

Why state legislatures are still very white — and very male

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Animals farmed: insects for lunch, £2bn for mink farmers and the future of male chicks | Animals farmed

News from around the world French president Emmanuel Macron has said Europe should grow its own soy and that to depend on Brazilian soy “would be to condone deforestation of the Amazon”. The EU is the second largest importer of Brazil’s agricultural products after China, and Brazil is seeking to expand exports with a trade deal with the EU. More than 1m tonnes of soya used by UK livestock farmers to produce chicken and other food could be linked to deforestation, according to Guardian reports last year.Outbreaks of bird flu...

Two female eagle rays give birth at Auckland aquarium despite no contact with a male for two years

No partner? No problem: Female eagle rays Nibble and Spot give birth to pups despite not being in contact with a male for TWO yearsTwo female eagle rays gave birth at the same time as each other in New Zealand Both females residing in an Auckland aquarium have no male living in their tank Aquarium staff trying to work out what process led to the females giving birthBy Bryant Hevesi For Daily Mail Australia Published: 00:40 GMT, 27 January 2021 | Updated: 00:40 GMT, 27 January 2021 Two female eagle rays have...
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