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Never too late: ‘You’ve got to find that thing that gets you up in the morning’ | Australian lifestyle

Name: Nick FowlerAge: 60Electrical engineer turned personal trainerI was a severe asthmatic to start with. Living in Darwin every time the season changed, I ended up in hospital. They said I had to start swimming to build my chest muscles up and build my lung capacity. So I got into sport through swimming. I started playing AFL. My mother played squash so used to bash me around the court playing squash. I played cricket, rugby league. I was playing six sports a year as a young kid, from the age...

Never too late: how a retired teacher’s ‘fungi hobby’ led to her finding 20 new species | Australian lifestyle

Name: Pamela CatchesideAge: 80 Teacher turned MycologistMy first career was a long and happy one. I was a high school teacher.I started teaching back in 1962 at a lovely school in London. It was a wonderful introduction into teaching. Then I married and went up to Birmingham and I taught senior level biology and general science at a high school for girls. I stopped teaching when our daughter was born and then we came to Australia. After my son became old enough, when he was about five or six, I...

Burnt-out resolutions: a feel-better guide for the already tired | Australian lifestyle

It’s the first day of 2021 and I’m already … tired. Usually at this time of year, I have a list of resolutions and goals for the year that I’m bursting with energy to implement. New Year? Bring. It. On.But this year, after collapsing over the finishing line of 2020 – there’s not a lot of juice in the tank for New Year’s resolutions.Burnout – previously a millennial thing – affected just about everyone in 2020. Whether you were an essential worker who had to deal with the stress and...
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