Wednesday, January 20, 2021



UK pet bereavement helplines report big rise in calls during Covid | Life and style

Animal bereavement helplines have reported a big increase in calls during the coronavirus pandemic, charities have said, as it emerged that the comedian and actor Miranda Hart was taking time off work to grieve the loss of her beloved dog Peggy. The Blue Cross animal charity and Cats Protection, a UK charity dedicated to rescuing and rehoming stray cats, said they had received a growing number of calls from people unable to be with their dying pets because of social-distancing rules that mean vets have to euthanise a cat or...

Is the boom in communal living really the good life? | Society

After 40 years, Dave Hodgson has a sixth sense when it comes to an aspiring communard. “If they take one look at our shared bathrooms and say they need a good scrub, or complain about having to put a jumper on when Old Dragon packs in, they won’t make it,” Hodgson says, referring to his commune’s biomass boiler. Would-be members used to contact Bergholt Hall, one of Britain’s longest standing farming communes, at the rate of 70 or so a year: 50-something empty nesters looking for companionship; 30-something couples in...

‘If you’re on wheels, you’re our friend’: veteran roller-skaters embrace a new generation | Life and style

In April last year, as billions across the globe became extras in Covid’s pestiferous opening act, a 30-year-old actor in California unwittingly carved out an additional role for herself. Ana Coto’s 10-second TikTok clip of herself gliding blithely (and backwardly) along a suburban street to J.Lo’s Jenny from the Block has been viewed more than 16m times. Over the northern summer trend pieces popped up, noting a spike in sales and even a global roller-skate shortage. The pandemic appeal of roller-skates is obvious, harking back to simpler times. They’re nostalgia...
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