Saturday, April 10, 2021



No sex please, we’re British. Dating in a pandemic | Life and style

Last March, when the first – and strictest – national coronavirus lockdown went into effect, one of the many aspects of life that suddenly became exponentially more complicated was dating. Until June, in England it was effectively illegal for people not already living as a couple under the same roof to have sex; even after the first lockdown was lifted, subsequent restrictions were similarly strict. Columnist Zoe Williams has been speaking to single people frustrated by what they say is a major oversight in policy. She tells Rachel Humphreys that...

My husband and I haven’t had sex for 10 years. Can we start again? | Life and style

I am 60, and my husband is 62. We have not had sex for nearly 10 years and my husband states that he can’t see us ever having a sex life again. Is it possible for a man who has completely lost his sex drive to rediscover it? If so, how can I help him? I have asked him to see the doctor, or for us to get help, but he says no. I think it would hurt his ego. I love him immensely, but would love to solve this.You...
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