Thursday, January 28, 2021



PGA Tour’s golden goose continues to cluck like crazy in Covid era | Ewan Murray | Sport

The PGA Tour can claim to have enjoyed the last laugh. Cynicism about the viability of a new normal in golf’s big time was plentiful even after the Charles Schwab Challenge got under way in mid-June. A plan to welcome spectators back within a month swiftly fell by the wayside and there were some coronavirus-related player decisions to raise eyebrows but, generally, the PGA Tour’s travelling circus has reached this weekend’s season-ending juncture unscathed. There is, in fact, cause to praise golf’s professional return on both sides of the Atlantic...

Behind the HONK: An Untitled Goose Game Q&A

Everyone seems to be honking a bit more than usual with the recent release of House House's brilliant Untitled Goose Game, a game where you take control of a horrible goose who terrorizes the unwitting members of a small town. House House's Nico Disseldorp, programmer on the game, recently answered our goose-related questions. Gamasutra: Who are you, what is House House, and what is Untitled Goose Game? Nico Disseldorp: House House is four people; Nico Disseldorp (me), Michael McMaster, Jake Strasser and Stuart Gillespie-Cook. While we each have specialties in terms of the...

Viral phenomenon Untitled Goose Game is adding a new horrible goose. What does that mean? | Games

Hello Naaman. Why is everyone on Twitter suddenly screaming “UNTITLED GEESE GAME!!!”?Hi Steph, don’t worry, those screams you’re hearing are honks of joy. The reason is simple: instead of one goose, there are two.Untitled Goose Game has added a second goose. The geese are leese!!What are you talking about? What is Untitled Goose Game?You call yourself a culture editor?? We’ve only written around seven different articles on it – including two different reviews, a behind-the-scenes feature on “how they laid the golden egg”, another feature on how it was made,...