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How to make soda bread – recipe | Felicity Cloake’s masterclass | Food

If you’re thinking that now is the time to finally come good on that new year’s resolution to start baking your own bread, this loaf, which can be on the table in little more than an hour, is the one to start with, especially if you’re hoping to enlist the help of young children in making it. Popular throughout Ireland, soda bread’s soft and crumbly crumb is great warm from the oven, but it also makes unbeatable toast. Prep 10 minCook 50 minMakes 1 loaf 450g coarse wholemeal flour, plus...

Food delivery driver Chow Khai Shien the third gig economy worker to die in a month in Australia | Industrial relations

A food delivery worker has been killed in a traffic collision in Melbourne, in what is the third death in a month among gig economy workers in Australia.Chow Khai Shien, a 36-year-old man from Malaysia who worked for delivery company DoorDash, died on Saturday after he was hit by an allegedly stolen car in Melbourne’s CBD.A spokeswoman for DoorDash said Chow was completing a delivery when he was killed.According to Victoria police, a 20-year-old woman was driving an allegedly stolen Honda Civic sedan when she struck a man on a...

The Guardian view on plant-based food: nothing wrong with a veggie burger | European Union

The European parliament has not always had the best press. A peripatetic assembly with a messy remit and a decidedly unenthused voter base has allowed critics to misrepresent, often lazily, its deliberations. Thus were myths such as the ban on bendy bananas born, and we all know where that led in 2016. But things are looking up in Brussels (or is it Strasbourg?) because the parliament has reached an eminently sensible decision in the great battle over whether plant-based products can be labelled as burgers, sausages, escalopes and steaks.On the...

Joe Trivelli’s recipes for lamb chops, panada, bagna càuda and apples cake | Food

These are dishes with which to warm up. Hearty, simple, warming food that I like to share. It’s time to stoke the fire, or the bonfire, and treat yourself well.Arrivals from the south of Italy have asked me why there isn’t a friggitoria (fry shop) in London. I pointed them to the chippies, to demonstrate there wasn’t the gap in the market they thought. The fried vegetables and lamb here is something that I am adding to the menu at my fantasy friggitoria. Something to eat with your fingers and...

Saturday night pasta: three meditative recipes from Elizabeth Hewson | Food

A couple of years ago I felt that I was losing control. All of a sudden, a stressful work situation exacerbated my anxiety, leaving me crippled by a constant state of worry. I would panic and overthink situations to the point where I lost my confidence. I would wake up throughout the night with my mind racing. Even getting out of bed in the morning became a challenge. I found myself turning to all the recommended methods of coping – exercise, yoga; I even bought a puppy to try to...

Kim-Joy’s recipe for macaron meringue snails | Food

These are a cute and fun treat. There are three components to this recipe: the macarons, the meringue and the orange blossom ganache filling. If you are short on time, you can replace the meringue with fondant. Ideally you would make everything the night before, and then assemble the following day. This is because the macarons benefit from an overnight rest in the fridge, and the meringues are best left in a (switched off) oven overnight. You can serve these as they are, or use them as cake toppers. Makes...
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