Sunday, April 11, 2021



Australia politics live: Peter Dutton defends decision not to tell PM about rape allegation | Australia news

As you know, the Australian federal police re-engaged with Brittany, or Brittany re-engaged with the Australian federal police on 5 February. The sensitive investigation board met on the morning of 11 February, and they made a decision that the investigation was sensitive. And at that stage, as you’re aware, the protocols provide that the Australian federal police commissioner then informs me, which he did on the morning of 11 February. I took a decision at that time that I wasn’t going to inform the prime minister because this was an...

GameStop hearing: Robinhood founder defends halt to trading | GameStop

The chief executive of the Robinhood app has defended the decision to halt trading in GameStop shares at a congressional hearing on Thursday, calling allegations that the company acted to help hedge funds that were hemorrhaging money “absolutely false”. The comments triggered accusations the company was creating a “smokescreen” to deflect blame.Vlad Tenev and other players in January’s GameStop saga appeared before the House financial services committee in the first public hearing in a wide-ranging investigation into trading in GameStop, AMC and other companies whose share values soared as small...
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