Monday, April 12, 2021



Australia news live: Covid vaccine rollout begins; more questions over rape allegations | Australia news

We need to dismantle the culture that has allowed so many to get away with so much for so long, a culture that blames victims, as the prime minister did last week, for getting themselves into vulnerable situations, getting themselves into vulnerable situations. A culture that sees women’s worth only in relation to men as daughters, or as wives, not as individuals, worthy of value, irrespective of our relationship with a man, a culture that closes its eyes when powerful men use abuse and discard women and rarely suffer consequences,...

Staff rebuked over failure to advise him of Brittany Higgins allegations, Scott Morrison says | Australian politics

Scott Morrison has indicated that he has reprimanded his staff for not bringing a former government staffer’s rape allegations to his attention as soon as a reporter submitted questions earlier this month.The prime minister has also taken umbrage at a major business group’s comments about a pervasive “culture of disrespect” in politics, with Morrison responding that “if any workplace thinks that this is just confined to the parliament, they’re kidding themselves”.Speaking on Sunday, on the eve of the resumption of parliament, Morrison continued to face questions about the government’s handling...
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