Wednesday, October 21, 2020



From pies to sledgehammers: why the rest of Australia should care about the stunt-heavy ACT election | Australian Capital Territory

In the shadows of the national spotlight, one of Australia’s most important elections is playing out.No. Not that one. The other one. The Australian Capital Territory. Home to Australia’s most progressive electors, where, on Saturday, a mostly politically engaged population will learn who will lead them until 2024.At 37 days, it’s been a long campaign. By the time its final hours rolled around, close to 60% of voters had already cast their vote. Another 10% opted for a postal vote. The result of the election may already have been decided...

Tempers flare over new Covid rules as Johnson warns: ‘We must act now’ | World news

Boris Johnson warned northern leaders that a failure to agree tougher coronavirus restrictions within days would be “unforgivable” as he faced doubt and frustration over a new system designed to prevent the “inexorable” spread of Covid-19. The prime minister unveiled a three-tier system splitting England into medium risk (tier 1), high risk (tier 2) and very high risk (tier 3) areas. Under the new rules, nearly a third of the country – more than 17 million people – face localised curbs. Liverpool city region was the only area categorised as...
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