Thursday, October 22, 2020

Stop Buying Steam Games Available Through Game Pass With This Browser Extension

Stop Buying Steam Games Available Through Game Pass With This Browser Extension

If you have Xbox Game Pass for PC, then there’s a good chance there’s some crossover between your Steam library and what’s available at no additional charge through the subscription service. But now, a new browser extension has been created to help prevent this by showing you when a Steam game is available through Game Pass.

Ali Güler has created a browser extension, Game Pass Info For Steam, that adds a notification to game pages when you’re checking the Steam store through your browser. The extension, which is available for both Chrome and Firefox, adds a green bar if a game is available through Game Pass for PC, telling you when it was added to the service.

“Have you ever had the situation where you bought a game, only to later find out that it’s already on Xbox Game Pass,” Güler asks on the page. “It happened to me. Luckily it was only 10 bucks.”

The browser extension in action.

The extension has been updated since launch to show games that have left Game Pass, and making it easier to report errors, too.

If you find yourself using and appreciating the extension, you can send Güler a donation through either PayPal or Buy Me A Coffee.

Xbox Game Pass is an essential part of Microsoft’s Xbox strategy going forward, with all first-party games appearing day one on the service. Xbox has also said that game streaming through Game Pass is planned for consoles and PC in the future.

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