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Stampeders re-sign wide receiver Kamar Jorden

Stampeders re-sign wide receiver Kamar Jorden

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“They asked me if I wanted to be here and I was like ‘Yeah, as long as you want me, I want to stay in Calgary as long as I can. “

With that conversation in the books, it was just a matter of figuring out the specifics of Jorden’s new deal. The CFL doesn’t release the specifics on things like that, but the main point is that Jorden will be back for 2021.

It’s a return to the field that he’s been waiting to make ever since he suffered a devastating knee injury in the Labour Day Classic in 2018. At the time, Jorden was quite possibly the best receiver in the entire CFL.

He had 944 receiving yards in 10 games and had caught six touchdowns. Just a week earlier, he’d set a Stampeders franchise record for receiving yards. Against the Winnipeg Jets, he’d caught 10 passes and had a historic 249 receiving yards.

The injury ended his 2018 season early, although he was on the sidelines when the Stamps won the Grey Cup. He returned for the West Division Semifinal in 2019, but if the Stampeders hadn’t been desperately short of receivers he definitely would not have played.

Jorden says he would have been ready to play in 2020 but likely would have had to skip the occasional practice to keep his knee in top condition. By the time training camp rolls around, it will have been 32 months since he played a game — we’re not counting the 2019 playoff game because he was not quite ready to be out there.

“The season being cancelled, for guys like me or Bo or guys who were injured, it really was a blessing in disguise,” Jorden said. “I obviously wanted to play and was ready to go and get back on the field and prove I could play, but I’d say maybe two or three days after the season was cancelled I started thinking, like ‘OK, so you’ve got a full 12 months to get even stronger, get even faster and more explosive than you ever were before.’

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