Saturday, June 19, 2021

Soon, Chennai residents can check groundwater table and rainfall data in their localities, online

Soon, Chennai residents can check groundwater table and rainfall data in their localities, online

Work to fix rain gauges and digital water level recorders at Chennai Metrowater offices is nearly complete, officials said

By the end of this year, Chennai residents will be able to learn about fluctuations in the groundwater table and check rainfall data in their areas, online. Chennai Metrowater has accelerated work to fix automatic rain gauges in its area offices and digital water level recorders across the city.

Many of the 15 area offices now have automatic rain gauge devices fixed as part of real-time online monitoring of the water table. Officials of the Metrowater noted that information on rainfall in a specific area would help correlate the impact on groundwater level and quality, and check over-exploitation of resources.

Once the project is completed, residents would be able to check the groundwater level and plan their water consumption and conservation efforts accordingly. “We plan to update the groundwater level and rainfall data through our website,” said an official.

At present, nearly 90% of the work has been completed to sink borewells in 200 wards and also to fix digital water level recorders. The sensors will transmit real-time data and help assess the variations in the groundwater table.

“Some of the data from the digital recorders are already being used for compilation of monthly data. We are also collecting samples manually to check groundwater quality,” the official said.

The information obtained about the groundwater table would also help assess the impact of rainwater harvesting (RWH) measures in each area and rectify deficiencies in the system. There are nearly 9 lakh RWH structures across the city.

Metrowater also proposes to decide on water distribution according to the requirement of the particular area. In case there is a depletion in the water table, it would be an indicator to increase water supply.

Officials noted that the average water level in the city has gone up by 0.50 metres in October compared to the previous month. The groundwater table has improved, except for in a few areas such as Teynampet, Royapuram and Sholinganallur, where the rise in water level was minimal. The water table in the Anna Nagar zone had witnessed a maximum improvement with a rise of 0.92 metres in October compared to the previous month.

“Scattered rainfall last month has brought in changes in the groundwater level. We expect the water table to improve further this month as the Northeast monsoon has picked up pace,” the official added.

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