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Silver Chains Goes Hunting in the Dark This January

Silver Chains Goes Hunting in the Dark This January

What’s Out There in the Dark? A PS4 Release Date, Among Other Things

First-person horror is kind of hit or miss. On one hand, it’s hard to get more up-close and personal with fear; on the other hand, if you’re bad with jump scares, you may spend more time screeching and throwing yourself out of your chair than actually playing the game. Silver Chains aims to ensure you get a double dose of story and exploration even while being scared out of your wits by the monster stalking you in the dark. This PC survival horror game is coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch this month, and it looks like a real spine-chiller. Don’t believe us? Check out this console trailer. Just be prepared for jumpscares.

Silver Chains follows Peter, a man who wakes up in an abandoned 19th century mansion after a car crash. He has no idea where he is or how he got here. All he knows is that something terrible happened here, and he is not alone. Somewhere in these rotting halls is a monster, and it’s already hunting him.

The game features:

  • An atmospheric horror experience: photo-realistic & detailed graphics bring the interior of an old abandoned mansion to life and an eerie soundtrack will fully immerse you into the game.
  • Story-exploration-game with puzzle- and action elements: Unravel the mysteries of a huge mansion and gain entry into its hidden areas by solving puzzles
  • Beware the dangers lurking in the dark. This evil you cannot fight – run for your life or find a place to hide: Experience intense feelings of horror as you try to escape from the monster chasing you down.

Silver Chains is currently available for PC and will be available for PS4 and Nintendo Switch on January 29th.

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