Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Retrial dates set for former RM councillor Tim Probe

REGINA, SASK : January 8, 2018 - Rural Municipality of Sherwood councillor Tim Probe approaches Queen

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Dates have been set for the retrial of a former RM of Sherwood deputy reeve and councillor accused of breach of trust.

Tim Probe was found not guilty after trial at Regina Court of Queen’s Bench in June 2018, but the Crown successfully appealed the acquittal. The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal sent the matter back to Regina Court of Queen’s Bench for a new trial, but Probe attempted to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.

The country’s highest court opted recently not to hear the matter, paving the way for the retrial to proceed. The Crown decided it would press ahead with a retrial.

Probe’s matter was spoken to during a pretrial recently, during which new trial dates were set. The trial, which is once again to be heard by a judge sitting without a jury, has been set for Nov. 16 to 20 in Regina.

The charge relates to a conversation in a coffee shop with RM of Sherwood reeve Jeff Poissant. Poissant recorded the conversation, during which it’s alleged Probe offered an illegal vote trade with Poissant, with each to support the other on contentious issues facing the RM at the time.

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