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Renee Supports Jessica on Bachelor in Paradise 2020

Renee Supports Jessica on Bachelor in Paradise 2020

A standout moment from last night’s Bachelor in Paradise came when Renee Barrett went to Jessica Brody to check that she was OK, after Ciarran Stott left her for a date with Kiki Morris.

Ciarran and Jess had been spending all their time together on Paradise before Kiki arrived, including canoodling on a paddleboard, and Jess was definitely developing romantic feelings for him. She’s since told POPSUGAR Australia about Ciarran’s thoughtful actions that led her to believe that it wasn’t just a case of “sexual chemistry”.

Renee meanwhile dated Ciarran outside of Bachie — it came out during Paradise that he left Angie Kent’s Bachelorette to rekindle their relationship, although the couple soon split up again, and, at one point, Ciarran even cheated on her at a wedding. After they each decided to stay in Paradise and respect one another, they talked through their issues further one night when Jess was sick, with Ciarran falling asleep in Renee’s bed.

Jessica and Renee definitely seemed connected over the fact that they’d been “screwed over” by the same person — we’re feeling John Tucker Must Die vibes, to be honest.

“I genuinely care and I don’t want you to get hurt,” Renee said. “I’ve been there. I’ve been that girl that gets hurt. I’ve been that girl that’s second best, by the same guy.”

Jessica and Renee each spoke about how rude it was for Ciarran not to take Jessica away to talk about where they stand as a couple, before he went to talk to his friend, Timm Hanly. “Honestly, babe, he’s got no idea what he wants in life,” Renee advised.

Ciarran’s deliberate delay meant that Ciarran didn’t tell her that he wanted to end their courtship until after host Osher Günsberg arrived with a date card for Jessica. After their chat, Jessica told Renee and Helena Sauzier that she realised Ciarran may not have been so honest with her through the experience.

“It was planned all along,” Renee noted. “They want to get to the end together. At the end of all this, he’s gonna look like a d*ckhead.”

The women have continued supporting one another and emphasising the importance of lifting women up offscreen.

Talking to POPSUGAR Australia today, Jess said of Renee: “It takes such a strong person to comfort me when she’s in pain herself.”

In her Instagram Stories yesterday, Jessica thanked her fans for their support, concluding: “Us girls gotta stick together, right?” Later, while watching the show, she posted a picture of herself captioned, “Pls let’s not compare women.” She elaborated, saying: “Please don’t bully anyone, don’t send mean comments to anyone, it’s all good. No comparing women, let’s be nice to each other.”

Sharing a still from their conversation, Renee wrote on Instagram: “My heart is hurting for you tonight. For once I can actually say I know how you feel. No woman deserves to be treated like that. I hope you find a man who shows you love and respect 💓 #womansupportingwomen.”

She added in her Stories: “I never want any woman to go through the pain I’ve had to go through . . . I hope you find an incredible man who puts your first.”

We’ve learned from this one that it’s other women who support you when things get tough, and that no friendship is worth sacrificing for some man. Here’s to breaking down cultural narratives about competing for male attention!

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