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Reactions to the Unnecessary Drama on Farmer Wants a Wife

Reactions to the Unnecessary Drama on Farmer Wants a Wife

Here I was thinking that the return of the wholesome slice of reality TV that is Farmer Wants a Wife was going to save 2020. The OG series saw a bunch of genuine, salt-of-the-earth country blokes actually look for love. Now, I don’t doubt the sincerity of this latest batch of farmers, but I think the producers may have gotten a little too starved for drama and have resorted to creating some, because last night’s episode was absolute chaos.

Case in point: Last night’s ‘cheating scandal’, (a storyline we’ve seen reality TV flirt with over the last few years, where a cast member is rumoured to have hooked up with a crew member) was that one of Farmer Harry’s women, Karlana, allegedly made some cheeky comments about possibly having a connection with one of the crew, which apparently counts as cheating on reality TV. Harry then questioned Ash and Stacey about it and, when they seemed to confirm the rumour, he confronted Karlana. Baffled (and mildly panicked) about the accusations, Karlana decided to see herself out and exit the show.

Meanwhile, there was trouble between Farmer Neil‘s women, with Justine complaining to Neil that he didn’t spend any time with her, and Karissa threatening to leave if Neil buckled to Justine’s demands. Neil, of course, ultimately picked Justine for the single date, as she wanted . . . which means we’ll definitely see the fallout from that choice on tonight’s episode.

After all this drama — just in one episode, we’re not even talking about Madison leaving and then coming back again earlier in the season — the internet (and yours truly) aren’t sure if we’re watching Farmer or MAFS anymore. Where is the wholesome farming content we all deserve? Women learning how farm life works, learning to ride a tractor and having a beer at the local RSL? We did not sign up for this.

Like all good venting, best done on the internet, Aussies took to Twitter to demand Channel Seven cut the BS. Here’s hoping tonight’s episode is far less dramatic and gets back to the franchise’s roots.

Scroll to see the tweets calling out the focus on “drama” on Farmer Wants a Wife.

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