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Reactions to Ben on Junior MasterChef

Reactions to Ben on Junior MasterChef

A clear fan favourite has emerged on Junior MasterChef after just two episodes and it’s 10-year-old cub scout, Ben. Though it must be noted, Ben having so many fans celebrating his sweet nature doesn’t in any way detract from the cuteness and capacity of the other kids.

The adorable Ben immediately enraptured himself to the nation in the premiere when he explained he was a cub scout who was passionate about cooking — but somehow had never earned the cooking badge.

At the start of the very first cook, he turned to who we assume was a cameraman to ask them to open a box of rice flour for him, but quickly worked it out on his own. He’d used that rice flour to make his elevated take on s’mores, which in the end included a very theatrical fire and sticks setup. Learn to make Ben’s s’mores here.

Then on last night’s episode, he declared he’d be making his dad’s favourite dish in honour of his birthday, a Honey Chicken Tagine. When judge Jock Zonfrillo told Ben that he’s “never been more excited” to taste his dish, Ben started to get more nervous than he ever had before. “I don’t know how I’m going to get through this cook. [Jock’s eagerness to try his dish is] putting a lot of pressure on me to make it perfect.”

But by the end of the cook, the lover of food puns (did you catch his wrap joke?) was twiddling his thumbs. Only when he tasted his tagine did he realise it was a little heavy on the hero ingredient, honey, and sprinted to the pantry to find some finger limes and lime to balance the dish.

Even just watching Ben compliment eventual immunity winner Carter during the cook — “Why can’t I make a carrot cake that good?” — somehow made viewers even more certain that Ben was a legend.

One fan on Twitter summed it up best. “I would definitely trade some of my adult friends to be mates with Ben. Culinary genius, highly entertaining, excellent roaster of dads, wll drink, & clearly a legend in general. Yep, way cooler than most,” Sahar Adatia wrote.

Will the precocious Ben make it through tonight’s Elimination? We hope so!

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